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Wet Tyres Montlhery Autodrome

  /  Wet Tyres Montlhery Autodrome

Wet Tyres Montlhery Autodrome

An early rainy spring car meeting wet tyres needed at the Autodrome of Linas Montlhery. It follows the path of another local scheduled gathering called Coupes de Printemps. Most of those wheels come by their only means, creating a traffic jam throughout the uphill slope to the outer stadium. Once each driver pass checked, they go through the banking’s structure before arriving in the paddock. Reverbs just like any tunnel. Thrills more than just any other tunnel. Let’s point out: late-arriving visitors going under the track can experiment a bigger magnum opus. Thanks to vehicle passings and exhilarating notes (and structural vibration), they will shake life leaves!

Once those wet tyres Montlhery welcomes in the special parking, you can seize the variety and quality from the present eclectic plateau. Monoplaces being reunited: a dark blue 1975 Alpine A441 and some french « formules de promotion ». Fancy the sixties more? Here are some Jaguar Type E Lightweight Hard Top Competition, Ford GT40, Ferrari 246 GT Dino. And for the fifties enthusiasts: Porsche 356 A/B, Aston Martin DB4 and Mini Cooper. Just some heated bodies with wet tyres on the Montlhery Autodrome.

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