Festival Automobile International 2020

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Festival Automobile International 2020

Opening the car meetings season, the Festival Automobile International 2020 did occur late january. And let’s cut to the chase: Bugatti came with La Voiture Noire. Quite simply the most expensive brand-new car to be sold, with a €11 million price tag, to an anonymous buyer. As an homage to Jean Bugatti (Ettore’s son) and his Type 57 SC Atlantic coupe creation, called by the same name. You can then appreciate the all-carbon fiber body, the 1500 bhp W16 8 liters engine, 3D printed wheels and crystals fitted in the lights. This probably make her value justified, as the car will be an unique model.

At the top of the bill, were displayed two spectacular but in a rather opposite fashion Lamborghini’s V12 Vision Gran Turismo and Bentley’s EXP 100 GT. The fighting-bull manufacturer created here a physical model of the version to be included in the famous simulation game. Some technical and design specs will be find again in the Sian. Like uses the powertrain, being an hybrid (the brand’s first one), and Y-shaped lights. This single seater, remembering the 2013 Egoista, is built around the monocoque cockpit. Unmistakably Lamborghini’s DNA, with an extreme approach of what a hypercar should be.

At the opposite specter of automotive philosophy, the EXP 100 GT shines under the dome of Festival Automobile International 2020. Designers attention to detail went beyond exterior or interior standard styling. This feels like a haute-joaillerie masterpiece: diamond-facetting front grille and lights with similar patterns appended on body panels. Just like the interior furnitures that could have been made by Murano glass makers.

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