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Festival Automobile International 2018

  /  Festival Automobile International 2018

Festival Automobile International 2018

This edition of Festival Automobile International 2018 awarded the Alpine A110 as the most beautiful car of the year 2017. As usual, collectible and rare classic such as an iconic Delahaye 135M are displayed. But not only, because this is purposefully a concept car festival. Under the tent: a matte orange BMW Z4 concept, or a Kia Proceed GT Concept onboarding a virtual cockpit-like display and metallic red interior panels. Exclusive models such as a McLaren 720S and the yacht-inspired Maybach-Mercedes 6 Cabriolet. Super futuristic electric Lamborghini Terzio Millenio and its actual ICE racing little sister Super Trofeo. Renault came with the F1 R.S. 2027 Vision. Note the hexagonal turbine pipe slot inspired by the Renault badge and a hexagonal mesh cockpit that let the driver be seen from spectator view.

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