Festival Automobile International 2019

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Festival Automobile International 2019

The Festival Automobile International 2019 is once more a high-end vintage. Displaying the 504 coupé-inspired Peugeot E-Legend, that in my opinion is more looking like a frowning 505, let’s be honest. The €6M Bugatti Divo ultimate car designed for corners, taking its name from the 1928 & 1929 Targa Florio winner. The Formula E Gen2 looks like being straight out of a Batman movie universe. Pretty original, an asymmetrical DS X E-tense having two uses: do drive or be driven. Renault presents the autonomous EZ Ultimo. A vision of the car to be a home’s extension/copy-paste. Note the losange exterior body layout being Renault badge nod. More contemporary, the Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Vision: says it all. Finally, two very exclusive Ferraris: the SP38 inspired by the 308 GTB and F40 and a 812-based Ferrari Monza SP1.

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