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Festival Automobile International 2019

  /  Festival Automobile International 2019

Festival Automobile International 2019

The Festival Automobile International 2019 is once more a high-end vintage. Displaying the 504 coupé-inspired Peugeot E-Legend, that in my opinion is more looking like a frowning 505, let’s be honest. The €6M Bugatti Divo ultimate car designed for corners, taking its name from the 1928 & 1929 Targa Florio winner. Bugatti has developed a super sports car in small series (40 cars built) designed for racing circuits rather than top speed. Even though its top speed is limited to 380 kph, all the same. The Divo can travel the Nardò processing circuit in southern Italy eight seconds faster than the Chiron.

The Formula E Gen2 looks like being straight out of a Batman movie universe. Pretty original, an asymmetrical DS X E-tense having two uses: do drive or be driven. Renault presents the autonomous EZ Ultimo. A vision of the car to be a home’s extension/copy-paste. Note the losange exterior body layout being Renault badge nod. More contemporary, the Festival Automobile International 2019 welcomes the Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Vision: says it all. Finally, two very exclusive Ferraris: the SP38 inspired by the 308 GTB and F40 and a 812-based Ferrari Monza SP1.

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