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Festival Automobile International 2014

  /  Festival Automobile International 2014

Festival Automobile International 2014

The Festival Automobile International (2014) has been created in 1986. It took originally place in Chamonix, then Place Vendome in Paris and henceforth at Invalides. Many cars are displayed there either it be concepts or early productions. Two red gems as the chinese native Icona Vulcano and the new DS Wild Rubis including a shiny glassy face grid paying tribute to the SM. Designers from Renault created a detailed map of Paris obtained by material-removal technic for the Espace Initiale Paris’ roof. Also displayed: hypercars like Porsche 918 Spyder, and coupés like gullwing-opening doors Opel Monza, BMW CS Gran Coupé. Finally, Peugeot Onyx concept made of copper and carbon for the exterior panels; felt, wood and recycled newspaper for the interior.

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