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The Beginning

  /  The Beginning

The Beginning

Le Tour Auto 2012 comes alive again thanks to Patrick Peter. This retrospective version gathers every single ressource that was yet involved in its international fame. Our splendid Dino, as well as many other never-fading-beauties, can revive this bluntly high-end historic race after being exhibited in this landmark. Satisfying the condition to join as a 1951 to 1973 TDF’s participant car.

For this 21st edition, 300 participants of this Tour Auto 2012 start from Paris, 17th April at dawn. They reach Beaune that evening, Aix-les-Bains on 18th April, Clermont-Ferrand on 19th, Nimes on 20th and Nice the 21st, with special phases on racetracks at Dijon Prenois, Charade and Paul Ricard, completing about 1.800 kilometers.

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