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Retromobile 2020

Retromobile – 2020 edition – is the last one before the arrival of Covid in our daily life. As usual, it is the occasion to gather curious people around interesting models. Coming from all horizons, popular city cars, luxurious coupes, exclusive sporty models… Car manufacturers are present through their « historical » division, like Lamborghini, Land Rover-Jaguar group. They allow the restoration, or even the reconstruction of period models, in their original environment. In addition to the presence of sellers of spare parts, for the projects of individuals, the show is over-represented by dealers of fine automobiles. These houses known as Lukas Huni, Fiskens (recognizable by its tartan printed stand). Some people will strangely reproach the overabundance of rare models. Seeing a Ferrari Daytona, a Mercedes 300SL or a Lamborghini Miura becomes off-putting.

Retromobile 2020 is the opportunity to count several anniversaries. Like the 125th anniversary of Skoda and the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. Several brands came in force, like Renault with about forty models. Bugatti for its part came with an impressive scenography. EB110, EB110s, Veyron, Type 35 and 51, but also an electric Type 56 and a 57 torpedo that participated in the « Paris-Nice ».

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