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Ferté Alais Meeting 2018

  /  Ferté Alais Meeting 2018

Ferté Alais Meeting 2018

« Daddy, I want to be a pilot! »  When you have enough of pictures and static museums, you must fancy to go visiting the Cerny-Ferté-Alais aerodrom. Despite been called « Le temps des Hélices » (in french The Propellers’ times), the Ferté Alais meeting 2018 gathers pioneering gliders to the last jetfighters. It is nevertheless good to note that this 46th edition of the meeting will be dedicated to « commemorating the centenary of the end of hostilities in the First World War ». The atmosphere of the festivities will therefore honour the beginning of the 20th century.

Early hours on site are dedicated to first flights in T-6, Junkers or T-28. The unlucky ones, those who will not be able to escape gravity for a few minutes can go to the static display. Extraordinary cuckoo clocks joining the programme of flights or not, from the Blériot IX, Mustang P-51D to the Catalina.

Hello la Patrouille de France, French Voltige team in Extra 300Ss, Wingwalkers. Ferté-Alais meeting 2018 displayed also the famous Lockheed Electra. It’s known for being the plane Amelia Earhart had when she disappered with her navigator Fred Noonan in 1937 near Kiribati. They were pioneering the round-the-world flight. Notice the only WWII french Curtiss survivor, now for sale for $2M.

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