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Dimanche chez Vincennes en Anciennes

  /  Dimanche chez Vincennes en Anciennes

Dimanche chez Vincennes en Anciennes

Sunday (Dimanche in french) at Vincennes en Anciennes is a tradition. Since 1998, this association brings together enthusiasts of vintage vehicles. It is considered to be the largest multi-brand club in France, with around twenty volunteers at its head. Its members and the curious gather every first sunday of the month (when the health situation allows it, which hasn’t been the case for some time), on the esplanade of a castle. Here are a few glimpses of them: un Dimanche chez Vincennes en Anciennes.

It owes its renown in part to the organisation of the Traversée de Paris. Taken from the eponymous film with Bourvil, Gabin and De Funès. Held twice a year, once in January and the other at the end of July. At these times, more than 700 vehicles form a long convoy sneaking through the streets of the capital. It is therefore not uncommon, with such a large number in circulation, to see traffic jams similar to those of olden times. The smell of petrol and oil. The soft sound of small four cylinders, big v8s, or velosolex. There are many uninformed onlookers and walkers, as well as children pointing at cars they are not used to seeing in normal traffic. Imagine even when, a rare occurrence, parade tractors are articulated along the Invalides or Montmartre. This is an opportunity for amateurs to take incredible photos, which become postcards.

Need more fuel? See another edition of Retromobile, of which the association is a partner and exhibitor every year. Check our Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.